2010 Summer Teacher Institute Resources

The following are readings and other resources were suggested by 2010 Summer Teacher Institute speakers.

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Josh Ellis

​Dams and the Middle East

The Water Future of Chicago

Reuben Keller: Human, Ecological and Economic Impacts of Freshwater Invasive Species

Daniele Lantagne: Water Treatment Innovations in Developing Regions of the World

Pamela Martin: The Water Cycle, from Clouds to the Sea and Back Again

Marty Matlock: The Demand For and Availability of Water for Food, Feed, Fiber and Fuel in 2050

Philip Micklin: Desiccation of the Aral Sea: A Water Management Disaster of the Soviet Union

Kathy Morrison: Impact of Dams - Case Study India

Thomas O'Keefe: Impact of Dams - Case Study China

Fred Pearce: "When the Rivers Run Dry: Water – The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-First Century"

Mandy Poole: Social Aspects of Water Management

Sandra Ruckstuhl: Water Conflict - Global Issues and Cooperative Opportunities

Jim Shultz: From the Water Revolt to Melting Glaciers - What Bolivia Tells us About the Global Forces Threatening our Water

Prakasam Tata: Sanitation – India

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