2013 Summer Teacher Institute Resources

This section contains suggested readings and other resources connected to the 2013 Summer Teacher Institute presentations.

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Sarah Arehart — On Teaching Fukushima

The 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami: Background Reports

Resources for Nuclear Energy and Accidents

Cleaning up Fukushima, 2011-2013

Dain Borges — Drought in 1877 and Cholera in 1991: Victorian Governments & Privatized Governments in Latin America (video)

Andy Bruno — A History of Natural Disasters in the Soviet Union

Vivian Choi — Enduring Disasters: Tsunami and Civil War in Sri Lanka

Terry Evans — What the North Dakota Oil Boom Means for Us

​Aiko Kojima — Eating in Post-Fukushima World: Radioactive Contamination of Food and Farmers, Fishermen, and Consumers

Mark Lycett — Naturalizing Disaster: Nature, Vulnerability, and Social History

Yuki Miyamoto — Discrimination, Disaster, and Disease: Revisiting Hiroshima and Minamata in the Wake of Fukushima

Kathleen Morrison — Engineered Disasters in India: From Famine to Flood

Tate Paulette — Archaeological Perspectives on Disaster

Andre Perry — Education Reform Starts with Community Reform: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina

Jill Schneiderman — Think Fast, Live Slow: Coming to Terms with 'Slow Violence' as 'Natural' Disaster

Ted Steck — The Environmental Crisis: A New Kind of Disaster

Kathleen Tierney — Social Science Research on Hazards and Disasters: Topics, Concepts, and Resources

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