Global Impact Summer Institute for Educators

AUGUST 14 & SEPTEMBER 22, 2023: The University of Chicago is pleased to offer a 2023 UCHICAGO GLOBAL IMPACT FELLOWSHIP ($400 STIPEND) to all K-16 educators and administrators who are chosen to participate in this two-part SIE program. This Summer Institute will examine how migration and immigration impact the identity of countries, communities, and individuals with special focus on East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Beyond the Headlines: The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Global Impacts

FEBRUARY 3, 2023: Join UChicago Educator Outreach for a one-day conference on understanding and teaching the Russia-Ukraine War. Our morning session will center on voices from Ukraine, including a high school teacher, so as to better understand the current situation in Ukraine. Our afternoon session will bring together a diverse group of scholars and experts to better contextualize the global impacts of the war on agriculture, energy, and the refugee crisis.

Attendees will receive classroom-ready materials on the Russia-Ukraine War to engage students in this pressing world issue.

The Global Rise of Disinformation in Times of Conflict

In these uncertain times, often made more fraught through the proliferation of misinformation and the purposeful deployment of disinformation,  it is more important than ever to foster understanding of diverse perspectives both domestically and from across the globe. What are the differences between misinformation and disinformation? How do they each operate in conflict environments?  The University of Chicago Educator Outreach Program, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, is excited to announce a four-part, educator professional development series The Global Rise of Disinformation in Times of Conflict, from June 20-23 (virtual) and on June 28 (in-person).

Resources from Past Programs

Explore videos, articles, lesson plans, and curriculum development ideas from past University of Chicago Summer Institutes for Educators and International Education Conferences.

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