The Hot Topic: Strategies for Teaching Global Climate Change

How do you teach the biggest, most complicated, and most pressing issue of our age? The 12th Annual University of Chicago International Education Conference “The Hot Topic: Strategies for Teaching Global Climate Change” will explore methods and topics for teaching climate change to both STEM and non-STEM classes. Our group of distinguished speakers will approach the subject from the perspective of cutting-edge science, classroom demonstrations, political science and economics, and social justice.

Inspiring Connections: Igniting Critical Thinking and Communication through Global News

The 2019 Summer Institute for Educators includes presentations and hands-on activities that enable educators to analyze the causes and impacts of pressing global issues, understand journalists’ process of covering global news stories, discover practical methods to integrate these stories into the classroom, and examine the critical thinking, communication, and media literacy skills that students gain through engagement with news from around the world.

Resources from Past Programs

Explore videos, articles, lesson plans, and curriculum development ideas from past University of Chicago Summer Institutes for Educators and International Education Conferences.

Welcome to UChicago Educator Outreach

The University of Chicago offers a wide variety of programming for K-12 and post-secondary educators and their students through many different organizations on campus such as the area studies centers, the Smart Museum of Art, the Oriental Institute and the Neighborhood Schools Program. This site is a collaborative effort by these affiliates to make it easy to stay informed about professional development programs and to connect to resources. A brief summary of this website’s navigation menu:

  • Educator Programs: Browse our upcoming and past programs, which includes the Summer Institute for Educators and International Education Conference.
  • Teaching Materials: Search for classroom resources (readings, presentations, images, video) by keyword categories⁠.
  • Campus Resources: Learn more about the museums and organizations at the University of Chicago that provide K-12 and City Colleges resources.
  • Contact Us: Contact an outreach coordinator at one of our centers to discuss collaboration, find a speaker or student assistant for your class, or suggest a new resource.

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